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Bridal Packages

Actual Day Photography

Need not to worry to step into a hard selling or aggressive bridal shop to find out the bridal packages.  You can find our bridal packages which are available on our website which start from $999 onwards.  Can’t find any package that suit your needs on our website, fix an appointment with us we also provide fully customisable which is within your budget range.

Wedding is a celebration that your guests bless you with their love.  You have spent so much time in preparation and this is the day you have been waiting for.  Our photographer will capture beautiful moments and turn them into memories, which can be cherished for life.

Makeup & Hairdo

Our makeup artist believes in communication with the bride.  Understand what type of styles and looks the bride wants. Using naturally coloured makeup to enhance the bride’s natural features. 

Pre-Wedding Photography

Our photographer capture the magical moments of a couple through the expressions twinkle in their eyes the loves and chemistry shared by the couple.  A pre-wedding photography is a new chapter of the bride and groom counting down days to their wedding day.

Bespoke Gown

Can’t find your dream gown off the rack.  A fully bespoke wedding dress is where a dress is designed specifically for you. 

Kids Photography

Wedding Videography

Family Photography

Having kids is one of the many life-changing experiences in a person’s life, and for many new parents.  Natural photography that captures their facial expressions, it’s about what is behind the eyes and the connection the eyes make with the camera.  Before they turn into mature teenagers from tiny toddlers.

Love stories come alive from still photos into moving tales.  This is moments that will capture your speech, happiness and walking down the aisle and many more.  Which a video tells a million more stories.

Through our lens our photographer captures the immense love and chemistry bonding between family members.  Every photo tells a story through their laughter and expression for their loved ones.

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